Study published in the renowned Diabetes Care journal discovered the unthinkable…

How diabetes drugs and insulin injections 
can make your type 2 diabetes even worse

Plus, read below to find a natural way to maintain 
perfect blood sugar levels without drugs or insulin.

“John! Please wake up! 
Don’t do this to us!”

My wife begged at the top of her lungs...
“Wha...Where are we?!”

“Why can’t I feel my legs!?!” I shouted...

My wife gripped my hand harder than the times she was in labor…

Tears streaming down her exhausted face…

She was trying to speak…

But nothing was coming out…

As I looked around I began to realize tubes and fluids
were coming in and out of every limb of my body… 

And… there were monitors all around me.. Hissing and beeping.

Next thing I knew a doctor with a stern look on his face barged in the cold darkened room...

 And gave me news so terrifying…

I began to shake uncontrollably.

“John, you were minutes away from being pronounced dead. 

You were in a diabetic coma… 

Your blood sugar level was so high you should have died."
But you're not in the clear yet.”

I’ve never felt so much fear and disappointment in my life.
The thought of my kids growing up without their father…

And my wife... widowed… all on her own…

It made me realize… once and for all… I lost complete control of my life and health.

My youngest, my 5 year old daughter 
Stephanie hugged me, looked me in my eyes and said  

"Daddy what's wrong with you?" 

At that moment I realized I could not let this disease take my life. 


Upon returning home from the hospital as we were sitting for dinner…

I sat there in shock... hands shaking… Sweating...

I could not believe the look of sadness and fear that my family had in their eyes.

By the time night rolled around and we sent the kids to bed...

They each kissed and hugged me before bed…

But when they said “I love you”...

It sounded like they were saying goodbye…

As if it was the last time they’d ever see me again.

I know this isn’t a very pretty picture.

But here's the good news…

That Single Life-threatening Event Ended Up Being
A Blessing In Disguise.

This secret is so powerful, it has transformed my life.

It lowered my A1C to a healthy 5.7%...

Melted pounds of extra weight off my body…

And gave me all day energy…

All within just 30 days.

My doctors were speechless, and people who were suffering 
from type 2 diabetes became desperate to know this secret.

And you can start using this simple secret once you understand the truth about diabetes.

Listen, you’ve been lied to your whole life.

Multiple studies - including one published in the renowned New England Journal - have found that you cannot control diabetes with medications or insulin.

Because they do not treat the root cause of type 2 diabetes.

They simply treat the symptoms.

Plus, new studies have shown that these remedies can actually make your diabetes even worse…

And even increase your chances of death.

But by using the natural secret you’re about to learn in this short presentation…

Something that has only been known to an indegenious tribe in a small Asian country…

You can quickly target the root cause of type 2 diabetes…

And get perfect blood sugar numbers in as little as 30 days…

Without the dangerous side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

To be clear, this secret is not a new drug...

It has nothing to do with eating gag-inducing meals…

Nor does it involve injecting yourself with a better version of insulin.

It’s a completely natural and 100% safe way 
that’s guaranteed to turn your life around.

And I’ve made this presentation because this secret is just too important to hide.

Especially when the misinformation perpetrated by mainstream medicine is ruining lives and bleeding people dry of money.

But it stops here.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you why everything 
you heard from your doctors about type 2 diabetes is wrong.

You’ll be infuriated to know how giant pharmaceutical corporations rob you of your money…

And how simple it actually is to lower your blood sugar, and attain healthy body weight, protect yourself from heart disease…

And reverse type 2 diabetes

You’ll also hear why controlling your blood sugar using meds and insulin makes you even more vulnerable to heart disease, strokes and kidney damage…

And finally, if you stay with me till the end, I will reveal how you can naturally and safely reverse your type 2 diabetes in 30 days…

...along with all the studies and research that proves it works.

This secret has already helped countless people 
become diabetes-free, like…

This secret is so effective, it has already helped 43,897 people become free of their type 2 diabetes.

And, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been struggling with blood sugar…

Or if you come from a family of bad genetics.

If you apply this secret… 

I guarantee, the next time you visit your doctor, he’ll be delighted to say:

“Your numbers are perfect. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

Now, I understand you might be skeptical.

And given that there’s no shortage of fad-diets and health “hacks” out there…

I don’t blame you.

In fact, when I discovered this secret I was skeptical too.

But if you hear me out, you’ll see everything I’m saying here is 100% true.

So make sure you read this presentation now, because it’s burning a giant big hole in big-pharma’s profits…

And their lawyers are doing everything in their power to take this website down.

So silent your phone, get a pen and paper, and make sure to watch this presentation till the end.

This is your chance to be diabetes-free once and for all.

Hi. My name is John Gootridge.

I don’t have a medical degree, I’m not a certified nutritionist, nor am I one of those “online gurus”. 

I’m just a regular person like you.

I’m office manager and I live in Springfield Illinois
with my beautiful wife, two sons and a daughter.

And, unlike most doctors and experts who never suffered from type 2 diabetes themselves…

I know exactly what it’s like to live with this disease.

My story is extremely painful, but I think you can relate with some of it.

It all started in my late 30s when I started gaining weight for the first time.

My kids used to point at my belly and joked that I looked pregnant.

I didn’t take it seriously… and simply brushed it off as part of aging.

But other problems soon began to pop their ugly heads, 
robbing me of my health.

I started feeling sluggish and tired all day… 

Headaches were becoming common as months went by…

My brain wouldn’t function properly after meals…

And then one summer, I noticed that I would always feel dehydrated but was still visiting the toilet more than usual.

So, upon my wife’s suggestion, I decided to talk 
to my doctor about these problems.

And after some tests, I was hit with the life-changing news:

“You have type 2 diabetes.”

And so it began, years upon years of being fed pills and injections 
as my physical and mental health withered away.

As the days passed by, I kept gaining more and more weight…

My energy levels lowered to the point it became difficult 
to do simple household tasks…

Brian fog crept in making it impossible to think clear…

And physical issues kept popping up every now and then…

So what did my doctor do to fix this?

So what did my doctor do to fix this?

More pills and stronger doses.

And for a middle class family like us… these meds were a huge  financial drain. 

Yet, it felt as if those meds weren’t helping at all.

I went from a decent 182 pounds to a whopping 263 pounds… 

My blood pressure was going through the roof…

And I felt so tired that walking up the stairs to my bedroom  seemed like a monumental task.

My doctor couldn't explain any of this.

He always gave a vague answer, 
“it’s common among diabetics.”

I didn’t have the slightest idea why my health was deteriorating 
even though I was doing everything my doctor had told me to. 

Not to mention how these meds were financially draining us.

And on my 43rd birthday, it all came crashing down.

After a nice lunch with my family, I went outside to water the lawn.

That’s when I felt a rush of heat over my body, my knees buckled, and I fainted.

Next thing I knew I woke in the hospital being told that I went through a diabetic coma.

The high level of sugar had dehydrated my body, hindering some of my body’s systems to function properly.

Luckily, I recovered safely from this incident.

But it was at this point that I decided to make a change.

I wanted to raise our children with my wife… 

I wanted to see them grow up, graduate from college, 
and get married…

And I wanted to grow old with my wife and travel 
the world just like we had planned.

There was no way I was going to miss out on all these wonderful experiences.


I was going to find a way to fix this problem no matter what.

But I had to act fast.

The doctor had warned me about the dangers of another episode of uncontrolled blood sugar.

So, I ran a race against time…

And began researching a way to reverse my type 2 diabetes.

I started with a simple question. 

What causes diabetes?

I knew the problem was high blood sugar, but I wanted to know what causes high blood sugar in the first place.

It’s something called insulin resistance.

You might have heard about it.

Insulin is the hormone that helps your cells absorb blood sugar so they can use it to produce energy.

When your cells become insulin resistant, they stop accepting the sugar from your blood…

Which leaves all the sugar floating around in your blood…  giving rise to high blood sugar.

To combat this, you need to take medications (usually metformin) that slow down 
the release of glucose production in the liver so your blood sugar doesn’t rise too high.

But here’s something mind-blowing:

Around 5-10% of people stop responding to their meds every year…

And need to either take insulin injections, or stronger meds that force the pancreas to produce more insulin.

Releasing more insulin in your blood counters insulin resistance by “forcing” your cells to open up and take in all the sugar from your blood.

The stronger the insulin resistance in your cells, the more insulin is needed to help your cells absorb blood sugar.

So my next question was: 
What causes insulin resistance?

You see, my doctor had always told me that diabetes was a result of obesity…

…and that if I reduced my weight, my insulin resistance would go away…

Which would allow me to manage my blood sugar with a lower dose of meds.

But, as I found out, this isn’t the case.

See, it was always theoretically assumed that obesity causes 
insulin resistance…

But studies have shown that only 80% of diabetics 
are overweight or obese…

Whereas the remaining 20% have ideal body weight.

So the whole notion that obesity causes insulin resistance, 
which in turn leads to diabetes, is false.

Finding this information actually gave me a sense of relief.

I always thought that diabetes was my fault…

That I had been careless.

And that my family wouldn’t have to go through 
any emotional pain if I had taken better care of myself.

Turns out, it was never my fault.

Just like it’s not your fault either.

And, I later found out that weight gain is actually 
a result of insulin resistance…

Not the other way around.

You see, insulin is an anabolic, pro-growth, fat-storing hormone. 

Generally, the higher it is, the more your body will store fat.

And since insulin levels are higher in people who suffer from insulin resistance…

Putting on extra fat is inevitable.

In fact, research from the United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) showed that the average person with type 2 diabetes gains about nine pounds in their first three years of using insulin.

Interesting, isn't it?

But even though I had discovered a lot of interesting information…

My research did not lead me to find a better solution that would help me control my blood sugar or reverse the insulin resistance.

I did my best… I read journals, visited libraries, spoke to researchers, visited universities… you name it!

I even spoke to other diabetics, holistic doctors, and even visited online forums looking for some type of remedy or suggestion that would help me.

But I couldn't find any answer.

After weeks of research… I still had no clue what to do…

Until I met a man named Eric on a diabetes forum.

Eric had worked for a giant pharmaceutical corporation for 15 years…

Until one day he was fired for speaking against the company’s unethical practices.

Having a chat with him was an eye-opening experience.

Over the call, Eric said he was fired because he had discovered that lowering blood sugar with meds or insulin does not control diabetes…

...and that it will never save you from complications like heart diseases or kidney damage…

…health issues that are hallmarks of diabetes.

I was taken back a bit, 
considering how bizarre this claim was.

I always thought keeping blood sugar in normal range helps prevent all the health complications of diabetes.

But Eric explained how mainstream medicine completely misses the point.

You see, he had discovered something called insulin toxicity…

Which is a result of taking strong doses of meds or insulin to control blood sugar.

“Everybody’s focused on blood sugar levels, 
but nobody’s paying attention to insulin levels,”
was his argument.

Doctors have been taught to follow this rule: The higher the insulin resistance, the higher the dose of meds or insulin you need to take to lower blood sugar.

But what this does is floods your body with huge amounts of insulin which can cause a lot of damage.

“Look. As weird as it sounds, insulin toxicity might actually be worse than high blood sugar, ” he added.

Now, I wasn’t believing any of this.

None of the doctors and experts I talked to during my research had mentioned anything remotely like this.

But then he began talking about all the studies and scientific proof…

The UK General Practice Database studied more than 84,000 newly diagnosed diabetics between 2000 and 2010.

They found that patients who were treated with insulin had an A1C level of 6.0%, which was considered as a healthy level…

Had just as poor health as patients who were not treated with insulin and had an A1C of 10.5%, which is considered as a dangerously high level.

Plus, treatment with insulin increased the risk of death by heart disease by 200%, instead of lowering it…

And the odds were just the same for strokes, cancer, and kidney disease.

This meant insulin reduced blood glucose 
but not heart disease or death.

Another study, in Saskatchewan, Canada - a review of more than
12,000 newly diagnosed diabetic patients…

Found a “significant and graded association between mortality risk and insulin level.”

The researchers discovered that the patients with high insulin levels in their blood had a 279% higher risk of death compared to the low insulin level patients. A similar Dutch database associated daily high doses of insulin with 300% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

There have been animal studies too, some as early as 1949…

That demonstrated insulin treatment leads to early atherosclerosis - the hardening of arteries - which is a precursor to heart attacks and strokes.

All these studies prove one thing:

The more the insulin in your blood, the higher the risk of dying.

In other words, treating insulin resistance and thus type 2 diabetes… by flooding the blood with insulin is not good - it’s bad.

This is why diabetes kills 1 person every 6 seconds.

Most likely because of insulin toxicity.

Here’s why you’ll never trust the FDA again

The National Institutes of Health in the United States funded a massive randomized study in 1999.

They recruited 10,000 participants who were type 2 diabetics and were considered at high risk for heart attack and stroke.

Half of the participants were given a low dose of meds and insulin…

And the other half were given a higher dose of meds and insulin.

When the results were published in 2008, 
the researchers couldn’t believe their eyes.

While the participants in the second group had normal blood sugar levels, and the participants in the first group had high blood sugar levels…

Participants in the second group were dying at a faster rate than the first group.


Because the participants in the second group had high insulin
levels, compared to the participants in the first group.

The results were clear: forcing blood sugar to normal levels by increasing insulin dose… was killing people faster than the high blood sugar itself.

And yet, even though the NIH had proof in front of their eyes all
this time…

Neither they nor the FDA have warned doctors or diabetics about
the dangers of insulin toxicity.

In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved all of the 30 new drugs that came to the market between 2004-2013 based on a single point: the ability to lower blood sugar.

They haven’t checked them for insulin toxicity, increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, blindness, or other complications.

I was shocked to hear all this.

But the scientific proof was undeniable. 

Eric was right.

Insulin toxicity is more fatal than high blood sugar.

So I asked him, “Why hasn’t the medical establishment warned us about the dangers of insulin toxicity?”

Eric replied, “It’s simple. Diabetes is a cash cow 
for everyone involved in the industry.”

He explained to me how pharmaceutical giants have bribed officials and politicians so they can force their expensive drugs upon innocent diabetics.

One of the best examples of this corruption is the broadening of the definition of type 2 diabetes in 2010…

The reason being to help with early diagnosis and treatment.

But this was just a disguise to increase the sales
of diabetes drugs.

You see, this new definition of type 2 diabetes would allow 
doctors to prescribe meds even to people who were pre-diabetic.

What the public didn’t know is that the majority of the decision makers 
on these panels received several million dollars every year 
from companies that make diabetes drugs…

As part of “consulting” fees.

In one case, 13 of 19 members of a committee received more than 
$2 million since 2009 from companies that make diabetes drugs.

You see, diabetes drugs are a torrent of money for big-pharma.

It’s one of their top sources of revenue.

In 2013, sales of diabetes drugs had reached $23 billion, which is more than 
the combined revenue of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, 
and the National Basketball Association.

Eric also mentioned that working in the industry 
for 15 years made him realize something: 

Most big-pharma executives have no concern about the health of Americans…

All they care about is money.

“They simply want to sell us their drugs so they can buy cars, houses and yachts from our money,” he said.

I was starting to see his point.

With so much money to make, what’s stopping these companies from bribing officials to hide the truth?

I was infuriated when I found out about this.

Who knows what else the medical establishment was hiding from the public?

This conversation finally made me see the only only solution to be diabetes-free:

Fix insulin resistance.

This was the only way I could
control my blood sugar… 

As well as avoid meds and insulin, 
which can result in insulin toxicity.

So I asked Eric the important question - how to reverse insulin resistance?

Unfortunately, he had no answer to this.

“I’m sorry, John. I told you everything I knew.”

It was here that I had hit a dead end.

I did not know what to do.

And I was starting to give up hope as my health continued to dwindle.

I knew it was just a matter of time before something bad would happen to me.

But soon, a miracle changed everything.

I don’t know how…

Whether it was pure luck…

Or my childrens’ prayers…

But when I visited my brother in Chicago for a weekend, it opened up a big door…

And finally led me to discover a solution to eliminate insulin resistance once and for all.

While having dinner at a family owned Burmese restaurant…

When I asked our waiter Denpo, who was the owner of the restaurant, what dishes he recommended for diabetes…

He took a look at my brother and replied, “Look, I don’t say this to anyone, but since you are my one of my favourite customers, you should know that you can be diabetes-free.”

My brother wanted to hear more.

Denpo told us how he was from Myanmar 
and that diabetes was almost non-existent 
where he came from.

Upon asking for more details, he described his culture and lifestyle in his native land.

He told us that his indigenious group was called the Kachins.

And also mentioned how his country had one of the lowest diabetes rates in the world…  

And that his indegenious tribe had never reported a case of  diabetes. 

Even people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s were slim, healthy and disease free… 

All with healthy blood sugar levels, and no obesity.

For me, this was like opening up a Pandora’s box.

If his tribe were immune to diabetes, then perhaps I can use their secrets and remove diabetes from my life.

Unfortunately, the restaurant got busy so we couldn’t continue our conversation.

But Denpo gave me his number and told me to give him a call as he knew someone that could help me.

I felt hope for the first time in years.

Hope that there was a solution for my problems…

Hope that I can see my children grow up and get married…

Hope that I can grow old with my wife, just like I promised her.

And more importantly, I can live a healthy,
diabetes-free life once again.

When I called Denpo the next day, he told me about his high school friend 
Nyan who had gone on to be a researcher at the University of Medicine Yangon.

Nyan had dedicated his life to diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.

I contacted Nyan and told him everything about my research and how I was interested in learning the Kachin secrets.

“Your research is completely right,” he agreed with me.

But because of Nyan’s native background in Myanmar and his understanding of the Kachin tribe…

He had uncovered a lot more information than I had.

Here’s what he had discovered:

The human body will do anything to achieve homeostasis at all costs.

Meaning, if things go too far in one direction, the body will go in the opposite direction… to achieve homeostasis.

For example, when it’s too cold during winter, the body achieves homeostasis by shivering to generate more body heat. 

Similarly, when we feel too hot during summer, the body achieves homeostasis by sweating to cool itself. 

The body adapts in order to survive.

And, one of the ways our bodies adapt 
is by  developing resistance.

Let’s look at an example:

Have you ever watched a homeless person sleep on the side of a busy street?

There’s too much noise, but he can still sleep peacefully.


Because he’s been exposed to the noise constantly, and so his body has adapted to it - or, in better words - “became resistant” to it.

On the other hand, a person who sleeps in the silence of his bedroom every night will wake up at the slightest noise…

Even if the noise is not loud.

It’s because his body has not been constantly exposed to noise during sleep…

And so, his body has not developed resistance to the noise.

In simple words, being exposed to high and prolonged levels of anything forces the body to become resistant to it.

If you drink a beer every day, you’ll soon discover that one beer doesn’t do it for you anymore…

And you’ll need to drink more to feel the same effect.

Insulin acts in the same way.

It acts upon hormone receptors just like alcohol, and develops the same phenomenon of resistance.

In a study published in Diabetologia - the official journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)...

A 40 hour constant insulin infusion into a group of healthy young people increased insulin resistance by 15 percent.

Meaning, these healthy people became insulin resistant simply because they were constantly given insulin.

In another study, this one published in the official journal of American Diabetes Association - Diabetes Care…

Diabetic patients who were not taking insulin initially - were given a very high dose of 100 units of insulin per day to maintain normal blood sugar…

The researchers found that the higher the insulin dose, the more insulin resistance they developed.

And because insulin resistance is the root cause of diabetes… 

Diabetes in these patients got worse even though 
blood glucose remained in the normal range.

These studies show that anyone can become insulin resistant - if they get enough insulin.

Bottomline: Too much insulin causes insulin resistance.

This is the root cause of diabetes.

And this is why diabetes gets progressively worse over time.

It’s like giving more alcohol to an alcoholic…

Or getting more sun to treat sunburns…

It’s stupid.

And it’s wrong.

Now, that’s the bad news.

The good news is - maintaining normal insulin levels 
can reverse insulin resistance. 

Because, when you remove the stimulus, your body lets go of the resistance.

In our example of the homeless person, if he starts sleeping in a quiet bedroom… 

His body will soon drop all the resistance to the loud street noise…

And in a few weeks, he will also wake up at the slightest noise.

You see, the right way to reduce insulin resistance and thus reverse type 2 diabetes…

Is to lower both blood glucose and insulin at the same time…

Not just blood glucose.

Nyan went on to explain, “I have been studying the Kachin people for years. They might not be as scientifically advanced as Americans or Europeans…”

“But unknowingly, they do things that control their insulin resistance and because of this they remain diabetes-free.”

It was clear that Nyan had done his research.

He knew what he was talking about.

And based on his research of the kachin tribe, he had already developed a 30-day protocol to reverse diabetes.

It was a natural way to control blood glucose 
and reverse insulin resistance… 

Without meds or insulin…

Without gag-inducing meals…

And without doing hours of cardio in the gym.

All one had to do was make a few changes in their lifestyle.

He asked me if I was willing to try it.

I’ll admit, I still had my doubts, but it all sounded good in theory.

And more importantly, I had no other choice.

My doctor had clearly mentioned that the next episode 
of uncontrolled blood sugar could kill me.

And given that medications and insulin can cause insulin toxicity, 
using them to control my diabetes was out of the question.

Plus, this protocol was completely natural.

Which meant it had no harmful side-effects what-so-ever.

So, I agreed to it.

Nyan was confident about the life changing potential of his 30 day system.

He explained the protocol over the phone, outlining things I had to do.

The instructions were easy to understand.

In fact, I was blown away at the simplicity  of the protocol.

The best part: I could implement it on a tight budget.

I started the program the very next day…  

And honestly, my wife thought I was crazy by doing something my doctors hadn’t recommended me to.

But I insisted this was the only way to restore my health.

After 3 days of following this protocol, there was little change…

And I was beginning to worry if this was going to work at all.

But I did the only thing I could - I kept on going.

Until day 8… when something remarkable happened.

When my wife told me she had to pluck out some weeds in the garden, I stopped her and replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll do it”.

What? That’s never happened in the last few years!

I used to be so tired that I couldn’t do any of these chores.

Both of us were surprised.

Truth be told, I did have more energy since starting the protocol.

In the next few days, my blood sugar 
readings  continued to fall. 

On day 10, my blood sugar was down from 389 to 306…

One day 16, it was down to 247…

Day 21, down to 185…

It was quite the site to see.

In fact, I ordered a new blood sugar monitor just to make sure the readings were correct.

And even asked my wife to double check the readings…

Only to find the same exact numbers.

“The readings are right!” she exclaimed.

Keep in mind, lowering insulin levels is how you decrease insulin resistance.

And when you decrease insulin resistance, glucose from your blood 
can easily enter into your cells to be converted into energy.

Now that this problem was solved, my cells were readily accepting all the blood glucose…

And my blood sugar readings were dropping like a rock.

The best part was the weight loss.

Remember that weight gain is a result of insulin resistance?

Now that I had reversed my insulin resistance, unwanted fat started melting off my body…

And my pants were falling off my hips in a way I had not seen in years.

As the days went by, my health got better and better.

And the world around me began 
to reopen again.

I was sleeping well…

I felt energized all day…

My mind was crystal clear…

And to top it all, my fear of falling into another diabetic coma or suffering a heart attack just vanished.

On day 30, my blood sugar was a healthy 114 mg/dL.

When I went to see my doctor for the next checkup, he had so much trouble believing the test results that he double checked them.

“These are excellent numbers. You can get off your medications for now,” he said.

And when I got back home, I threw all of them in the trash.

I was finally a free man.

Free from type 2 diabetes.

I had broken out of the chains of insulin resistance…

And got my life back.

My wife cried tears of joy that day.

Neither she nor I could believe it.

And we were a happy family once again.

But this was just the beginning.

I couldn’t stop feeling sorry about millions of diabetics 
who were still battling with their blood glucose…

Who were still stuck because of the lies perpetrated by big pharmaceutical companies.

Seeing what I had achieved with this system, I had a burning desire to help these people…

And tell them that there was a safe, natural way to reverse this disease.

But Nyan warned me that it had only been tried and tested on a few dozen people.

It wasn’t proof that it could work for everyone.

He was right.

So I started to find people who were willing to give this system a try.

I began speaking with other diabetics I had known through the years and told them about this discovery…

Ran online advertisements to find interested people…

And even visited the Chicago Center for Diabetes to find patients to volunteer for this system.

In total, we had 456 people in various stages of type 2 diabetes who were interested in the Kachin system.

They tried the protocol and came out with flying colors.

All 456 people were able to reach healthy A1C levels.

The ones who had critical A1C levels of 10+% went to stable levels in less than a month.

On top of that, the average weight loss of the participants was 24 pounds.

The participants also experienced a drop in their triglycerides, 
blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It was amazing to see their transformations.

I got hundreds of phone calls and emails from participants 
and their families thanking me for changing their lives…

And in some cases, saving their lives.

These are just some of them.

One of our best stories of this comes from a woman named Susan Felton a 52-year-old from Kansas City Missouri…

And here’s what she had to say...

“I was diagnosed with type two diabetes 6 years ago. From the start I was told there was no way to reverse diabetes. Throughout the years I have been prescribed your typical meds and shots and have spent tens of thousands of dollars doing nothing more than just managing my diabetes.

After years of no improvement my health began to falter and just over a month ago it became almost fatal. My blood sugar spiked to 390 mg/dl. I had high blood pressure, kidney issues and since I was diagnosed, I put on over 100 pounds. I was then admitted to the ER on 3 separate occasions. I went from being the caretaker for my 73-year-old mother to her having to take care of me. 

This was not only a life-changing but a scary time for me and my family. I decided it was time for me to take control of my health. I started searching the internet and talking to fellow diabetics and thankfully one dear friend Lisa recommended me to John and his diabetes busting system.

So, I started this simple protocol and in just over 30 days my reading dropped to 128 mg/dl, my blood pressure stabilized, my kidney issues went away and I began dropping pounds. The program was so easy to use, all the recommendations were so easy to implement into my lifestyle and the recipes were so delicious.

I went to my doctors last week and she told me she had never seen such a thing happen in her entire life and that my health turnaround was something to behold. I was so happy when I returned home to give my mother the good news I could barely put a sentence together. It was the biggest life-changing experience that I have ever had.

I never thought it was possible to reverse my diabetes but now I know that is not true.

So, if you are reading this and you, your friend, or a family member has diabetes I can’t urge you enough to try this program.

It will change your life forever. Do not let diabetes ruin your life.”

These are real stories from real people.

And listening to them, I knew this was the answer.

With undeniable scientific evidence to back it up, Nyan had created a clinically proven system for lowering blood sugar levels and reversing diabetes.

And I was determined to ensure that no other family would have to go through the pain and suffering that my family went through.

I contacted Nyan and asked him how we can release this system for the public.

Because this could finally expose our corrupt medical system that profits from keeping us sick.

It’s the only way we can get out the truth.

This system is simple, effective, and inexpensive.

Today I am happy and proud to introduce to you 

The Kachin Diabetes Solution 

It’s the world’s first and only 30-day protocol that reverses diabetes by targeting its root cause - insulin resistance.

We’ve taken all of Nyan’s research and put it into an easy-to-understand step-by-step format.

Kachin Diabetes Solution will guide you by hand along every step until you become diabetes-free.

This blueprint will work for you even if you come from a family of bad genetics…

Even if it’s been a while since you’ve seen perfect blood sugar readings…

And even if you think you’ve tried everything.

But before we go any further, it’s important for me to be 100% honest and upfront with you.

If you’re looking for a magical answer to fixing your diabetes…

Or you want a blood sugar “hack” that drops your A1C overnight…

Or some other gimmick deep down you already know won’t work…

Then Kachin Diabetes Solution is not for you.

Kachin Diabetes Solution is for people who are ready to leave all the gimmicky solutions behind…

And want to follow a proven, step-by-step system for lifelong diabetes-freedom.

So, if you want a real solution to permanently keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range…

Without relying on dangerous meds…

Without pricking yourself multiple times a day…

And without risking insulin toxicity… 

Then Kachin Diabetes Solution is not just a system for you, 
it’s the only system for you.

It’s a simple 30 day program that shows you exactly what to do - step by step - to reverse 
your diabetes once and for all. 

You’ll discover things like:

The secret Kachin spices that’ll help you lose weight, lower your blood sugar, 
and heal your body (you can easily find them at all grocery stores)...

More than 8 types of detox plans you can do with simple foods 
to increase your energy in a few days… they’ll also clear your brain fog 
and increase weight loss…

2 nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help your cells 
gobble up blood sugar like hungry hippos…

One common oil that reduces blood sugar when taken with your meals…

…and much more.

Now, you might think this one of a kind system that guarantees 
to reverse your type 2 diabetes might be extremely expensive.

Truth be told, it should be - considering it has literally saved the lives 
of thousands of people when nothing else worked.

Plus, given the fact that the average diabetic in the US 
will spend $283,000 to treat the disease over their lifetime…

Something like this should have a high price.

However, it doesn’t.

I felt that Kachin Diabetes Solution should be affordable 
to everyone who’s suffering from diabetes.

I’ll get to the price in a moment.

First, I need to make you aware of something…

You’re not just receiving the Kachin Diabetes Solution today…


You’re also going to receive two special bonuses.

Free Bonus #1:

Fitness for Diabetes Guide

98% of people who followed this fitness guide along with the 
Kachin Diabetes Solution lost an average of an EXTRA 7lbs monthly.

This guide will provide you with low impact fitness moves, techniques and workouts that you can easily do at your home…

And lose weight even faster.

Don’t worry, these workouts are easy to do…

Meaning, you won’t be lifeless after finishing them.

The Kachin people don’t use expensive gym memberships and personal trainers to maintain a healthy weight.

They have a very different way of doing it.

And you will find out all about it in the Fitness for Diabetes book.

This guide is the perfect compliment to your main 30-day Kachin protocol.

Free Bonus #2:

Blood Sugar Lowering Cookbook

Don’t think for one minute that you’ll have to eat boring, tasteless meals if you’re a diabetic.

Nyan and his team of certified nutritionists have made this book to show you how to make delicious recipes…

Using all the diabetes fighting ingredients the Kachins use in their meals.

All of these ingredients are affordable and available at most grocery stores.

The entire Kachin Diabetes Solution is simple to follow, consists of tasty meals, and can be implemented on a tight budget.

It’s all you need to lower your blood sugar levels, lose weight, transform your health, and reverse your type 2 diabetes for good.

Kachin Diabetes Solution is available as a hard cover book and 100% compatible with all apple devices and smartphones.

You can easily navigate through these books even if you’re not skilled with a PC or a smartphone.

And everything you need will be available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.

So, how much do you have to pay 
for the Kachin Diabetes Solution?

Remember, a person with type 2 diabetes spends an average of $283,000 to treat the disease over their lifetime.

As crazy as it sounds, I’m not going to charge anywhere near what you’re thinking.

Your decision to invest a very tiny amount today will not only transform your life, but it will save you tens of thousands of dollars…

If not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

So, let me ask you… 

How much would you pay to save $283,000 
to avoid heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, 
and a lifetime of misery?

How much value do you place on a better future for you and your family?




Whatever’s the figure in your head, forget it.

Even though Nyan’s team recommended him to charge $497 for this system, considering how life changing it is… 

And everyone who’s used Kachin Diabetes Solution have stated that they would have paid a lot more based on the life changing experience they have had…

Still, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get your hands on it.

For a strictly limited time, I will give you the Kachin Diabetes Solution 
plus both the free bonuses for the low price you see below.

Now, if you’re stunned because you realize this tiny investment 
can give you a diabetes free life in 30 days at the price 
of a few days of glucose controlling meds… 

Hold on. Because I’m not finished.

If you still don’t believe it’s possible to reverse diabetes with a few changes to your lifestyle…

I’m going to take this a step further and make this offer even better.

Look, I know you’ll see exactly the same dramatic drop in your blood glucose readings just like I and many others have seen by using this system.

And I’m not just promising these results, 
I’m guaranteeing them.

So, in the rare case Kachin Diabetes Solution doesn’t work for you…

If you don’t see your blood sugar drop within 2-3 weeks…

If you don’t lose pounds and pounds of ugly body fat…

And if you don’t experience a surge in energy… 

Then simply email me in the next 60 days and I will refund you all your money back.

No questions asked.

You are completely protected with my iron-clad 
100% money-back guarantee.

I like to call it “Diabetes-Freedom Guarantee”.

You risk nothing when you try the Kachin Diabetes Solution…

And you can test-drive it risk-free for 60 days and see the results for yourself.

You won’t get a deal like this anywhere.

Now, I know some people will rip me off by taking advantage of my generosity…

But in my experience, most people are desperate to get their health back rather than cheat.

And if I have to take a loss once in a while so that good people like you can try this system without risking a cent, I’ll gladly do it.

But it gets even better.

In order to make sure I leave no stone unturned in helping regain your health… 

If you order today, you’ll get our #1 best-selling Revitalize and Restoration Super Bundle for FREE.

It includes 11 - that’s right - 11 additional books and videos that will restore your health after the slow rot diabetes has inflicted on your body for years.

In this group of books, you’ll get:

Healthy Heart Remedy book and videos: Clinically researched and backed ways to lower blood pressure levels and increase heart health.

Joint health 101: To strengthen and improve your joints.

Natural Cures: An award-winning self-help health book that’ll show you the path to avoid artificial additives and dangerous toxins found in common foods.

Insomniac: The ultimate sleep therapy advice. This will help improve your sleep and boost your overall health.

Walking for weight loss: Great for those of you who can’t work out every day. In this book you will learn the right pace, style and amount of time to walk for optimal weight loss.

…and many more.

The revitalize and restoration bundle is valued at $179…

But you can get it for 
FREE if you order today.

Plus, you will also become eligible for free lifetime upgrades 
and health boosting guides Nyan will create in the future.

I’m sure as more research comes out, we’ll see new health breakthroughs… 

And I would love to tell you how you can use them 
to be the healthiest you’ve been in decades.

So, in all, the whole bundle is valued at $314…

But you can get it today for a one-time 
low price of $37.

All backed by a no questions asked 
60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

I can’t be any more generous than this.

Remember, medications and insulin 
aren’t the way to treat type 2 diabetes.

Reading this special report has shown you why.

Continuing down this path will inevitably lead you to heart diseases, strokes, kidney problems, vision-loss, and much more

Not to mention the frustration and stress you and your family will suffer from your declining health.

As your blood glucose gets more and more out of control, your frustration and health problems will only worsen over time .

This will continue to negatively affect everything…

Your life, your happiness, your relationships…

They will all suffer.

Look, I don't want any of this for you.

And I know you don’t want any of it either.

There is a better path for you, based on clinically proven research…

And paved with the success of thousands of people just like you.

A path that helps you to take control of your blood glucose naturally and claim the life you desire.

If you start today, you could be diabetes-free in a month.

All of the 456 people who tried out the 30 day protocol reported feeling better, energetic, and slimmer within 10 days after starting.

You could see a noticeable improvement in your 
blood sugar levels in just 1 week from now.

By the end of week 2, your energy will skyrocket and unwanted fat will start melting off your body.

And in 30 days, your blood sugar will fall down to healthy levels, and you’ll feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Once you eliminate insulin resistance, most of your health problems will simply disappear.

Both you and your doctor will be stunned at your perfect blood sugar numbers.

All your worries about heart diseases, stokes, and kidney problems will fade away within a month if you start today…

And you can get back to enjoying your life once again.

So please click on the add to cart button below to get 
lifetime access to Kachin Diabetes Solution right now.

Keep in mind, Kachin Diabetes Solution 
is burning a giant hole in big-pharma’s profits… 

And their lawyers are doing everything to take down this presentation.

Please don’t delay… because when you come back, this page might be taken down.

Once you reverse the insulin resistance in your body, life becomes fun again.

Listen, you’re standing at an important crossroads in your life right now.

And you have two options to choose from…

Each of them leads to a different future.

Option 1: A path of fear and danger

You can choose to ignore what you’ve learned here today…

And let diabetes destroy your life.

Remember, meds don’t treat diabetes, they only control blood sugar - which is a symptom of diabetes…

Plus, they flood your blood with too much insulin leading to insulin toxicity… which creates more problems than high blood sugar itself.

This path is full of danger that could end up with a heart attack, stroke, or loss of eyesight.

Maybe you’ll lose your leg.

Or end up in a diabetic coma and suffer severe brain damage.

That’s the cost of not taking action.

Do you really want to risk all of this to save a few dollars?

Look, you are fully aware of what’ll happen if things keep going this way.

And that’s why I recommend option 2.

Option 2: Try the Kachin Diabetes Solution 
risk free for 180 days

You know this is the right option.

Actually, it’s the only option.

Kachin Diabetes Solution is based on the health secrets of the Kachin tribe and clinically proven research.

These secrets can reverse your diabetes
once and for all.

You’ll never see that disapproving “look” on your doctor’s face when he reads your results…

You’ll never be ashamed of how your body looks…

You’ll never lie awake at night worrying about your blood sugar numbers again…

You’ll never fear suffering from heart diseases or having a stroke.

Try the simple, groundbreaking secrets that reversed my diabetes and brought joy back to me and my family.

Just imagine how you would feel.

The feeling your clothes seem to magically “grow” around you…

The feeling when you forget about your readings and just start living again…

The feeling of steady energy to help you through the day…

And the feeling when your body looks and feels just like when you were young.

Imagine living your life the way you always wanted to.

You’ll be amazed at how much better, younger, and happier you feel…

You’ll experience the new life that’s waiting for you on the other side…

You’ll leave your doctor’s appointments without worrying about keeping your blood sugar in check…

You’ll play an extra nine holes instead of nodding off every afternoon at 3 pm…

And most important… you’ll see the relief in your family’s eyes because they no longer have to worry about your health.

Option 2 is clearly the smarter choice.

43,897 people have reversed their diabetes, lost the extra weight, and regained their health back. 

This is your chance to experience the same results.

You’ll thank yourself for making this decision in the next 30 days.

Act now before time runs out.

Make the right decision for you and your family.

Click on the add to cart button below and try Kachin Diabetes Solution risk-free for 180 days with our no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Got A Few Questions About
The Kachin Diabetes Solution?

No problem.

Let me answer some questions you might have so you can make an informed decision.

Does the Kachin Diabetes Program really work?

Yes. It’s scientifically proven.
Not only have we performed our own tests with a researcher from the University of Medicine Yangon - the top institution of higher learning that specializes in paramedical science in Myanmar….

But our system is also backed by research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Metabolic Research Group VA Medical center of the University of Kentucky, University of California Los Angeles, and 10 other top scientific resources.

And if you scroll back up you’ll see plenty of peer-reviewed scientific research, and testimonials from several of our best reviews.

Not only that… over 43,897 people in 88 countries have already used this system (and this page would be far too long if we included emails from all of them).

Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

Your doctor is probably a great person.
But the thing is, this information is cutting edge and isn’t even being taught in meds schools (yet).
On top of that your doctor is probably busy working with patients on a day to day basis.
Thus they probably aren’t aware this even exists.

How does the Kachin Diabetes System work?

The Kachin Diabetes Solution is about making a few lifestyle changes that naturally reverse insulin resistance to help your cells absorb blood sugar easily.

Will it work for me?

Kachin Diabetes Solution will work for anyone no matter their age, gender, or genetics.
So far, we’ve found that it doesn’t matter if diabetes has been running in your family for generations…
If you are newly diagnosed...
Or if you’ve struggled with diabetes for years.
The catch is, it only works when you stick to the easy-made system and don’t cheat.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We have combined our years of medical and research experience, together with medical studies from top universities, to perfect this formula.

That is why we are confident it will work for you.

We believe in this product so much that you can try it risk free for up to 60 days…

If you do not feel a difference in your health, energy, and happiness… we will refund you 100%.

It does not matter if your bottles are EMPTY!

If you are not satisfied, we will give you back all your money. Just send us the empty/remaining bottle(s) within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund you to the last penny, no questions asked.

That is how confident we are that our product will work for you.

Our 60-Day, Empty-Bottle, Money-Back Guarantee lets you try our product without risking a thing.

Okay, I’m excited. How Can I Get Started?

To join, just click the “Add To Cart” button below.
Click that button and you’ll be taken to our full encrypted order form.
It only takes 60 seconds to enter your information…
And as soon as you’re finished, you’ll get INSTANT access to the private members area…
Once there you can immediately get started with the Kachin Diabetes Solution.

Are there any monthly charges?

No. There are no monthly charges.
When you place your order today, you’ll get full access to the Kachin Diabetes Solution … and all of these free bonuses:

  • Total Fitness For Diabetics...
  • ​56 Diabetes Reversing Recipes...
  • ​Forever Young Bundle: 227 Youth Maintaining Recipes...
  • ​10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Videos and Books...
  • ​Fat Burn Secrets...

All for just one easy payment of $37.

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